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A lot of my followers and clients ask me what do I use? What supplements do I take? What protein powder? Etc. So I decided to put a list together of "a few of my favorite things".

1. Since I was pregnant in 1995 and my massage therapist recommended a body pillow, and my chiropractor then said I should always use one, I've gone through many different ones. I finally settled on one I love. It's from Pinzon, made from Bamboo (yay for sustainability!) and the price is right!

2. Instant Pot or Slow Cooking is so great for busy moms like me. It's also a great way to make Whole30 & Paleo meals that I've prepped and frozen. Here's the one I swear by because it's so multifunctional. You can make soups, crockpot recipes, even brown rice!

Now Supplements. Oh boy this is going to be long. But really worth it. My very favorite supplement has to be collagen and collagen protein powder. Not only is it a great source of amino acids but it does miraculous things for firming up your skin and making it more radiant, making you hair shiny and strong, and growing long, strong nails. I take a tablet sometimes or I put the protein powder in my smoothies.

Protein Powder
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