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Inflammation is an immune response that our
bodies use to protect itself from irritants.
Although, when inflammation gets out of control --
your body is in a constant state of attack.
This is when the damage can happen, and leave us
with a host of uncomfortable health issues to deal with.
Some foods can cause inflammation, such as the
unhealthy junk foods loaded with sugar
and chemicals our bodies don't recognize. There are also
foods that can fight inflammation, allowing an anti-inflammatory
benefit to sweep through your digestive system. Here are nine of
my favorite anti-inflammatory foods for you to enjoy
more of on a regular basis in my FREE eGuide.

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  • No one diet works for everyone

    I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

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Hi! My name is Claire Leedy and I’m a board certified health and life coach. I use holistic nutrition and life coaching to establish root causes of dis-ease for people who just don't feel right (may have a few extra pounds, poor energy and even possibly eating emotionally) create personalized treatment plans so that my clients establish daily rituals, healthy eating habits, and a consistent exercise routine leading them to feel transformed, balanced, energized, and healthy each and every day. 

Are you a busy new (or new-ish) Mom who desperately needs to feel better physically and about your body?

Are you tired of waking up feeling tired, drained and fatigued?

Do you wish you could control those moments of emotional eating?

Do you wish those extra pounds would simply find their way OFF your body! 

Are your adrenals simply exhausted from the constant stress of your life?

Are your hormones completely off track & it’s wearing on you?

Do you want to learn easy & FUN self care techniques that are simple, but work?

Are you ready to feel like a fun & fabulous, happier, healthier version of YOU?

I get it! I've been there!

For the past 25 years I’ve put health, healing and energy as my primary focus of study. I learned that food matters. Healthy digestion matters. A clean body matters. And nothing good comes from anything less, personally and professionally. I’ve transformed my health and my life, and I’m going to help you transform yours.


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Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition

Meal Prepping Made Easy

You’ve hit the midweek slump and decided to skip making dinner and instead reach for your phone for nearby takeout. Or maybe you’ve just been too rushed in the morning to make a healthy breakfast, so you grab a pastry with your coffee at the café near your office. Do either of these sound like a routine you’ve succumbed to?

Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition

Remain Mindful This Holiday Season

Do you find yourself getting stressed during the holiday season? This time of year is filled with parties, shopping, spending, entertaining, and a list of other demands that can easily lead to overwhelm.

Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition

Healthy Ways to Ease Candy Cravings

Cravings. We all have them. Food cravings are a common response to what we’re going through and can cause the desire to munch on foods we wouldn’t normally eat, such as salty potato chips or sweet chocolate brownies. Studies have shown that cravings for certain foods come from a variety of reasons, including memories, emotions, weather, and stress. 

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